Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in The Arc Community Trust of Pennsylvania (ACT).  We are a non-profit corporation incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2001 for the purpose of administering a pooled special needs trust for the benefit of individuals with disabilities.  We also act as Trustee for other special needs trusts, including; Third Party Special Needs Trusts, which are funded with the assets of someone other than the Trust Beneficiary; Non-Pooled Special Needs Trusts, which are funded with assets belonging to the Trust beneficiary; and, educational special needs trusts.

Quality control is extremely important to us. Our services are grounded on the belief that everyone should have the chance to live securely and independently, and our services empower people to make choices that are meaningful to them and to their families.

Special needs trusts are permitted by both federal and state statute and are subject to complex (and sometimes counter-intuitive) rules.  They are intended to allow individuals with disabilities to continue to receive governmental benefits such as SSI and Medical Assistance while having access to trust assets that, had the individual received them outside the special needs trust, might have caused the individual to lose important benefits.  Used properly, special needs trusts can improve the quality of life for many people with disabilities.

To review which Trust may best address your loved ones needs, select our resources on Special Needs Trusts. If you are looking for an Educational Special Needs Trust simply click HERE.

Where do you begin?

This can be simple by following these steps and contacting us today.

  • First, we’d encourage you to contact us to better learn how to get started identifying a Special Needs Trust and answering questions you may have.
  • Then, if you are opening a Payback Trust, you’ll start by contacting an attorney familiar with drafting special needs trusts.  We look forward to hearing from you!