Enhancing Lives – Protecting Futures – Providing Peace of Mind

Thank you for your interest in The Arc Community Trust of Pennsylvania (ACT). ACT is a non-profit corporation incorporated in Pennsylvania for the purpose of administering a pooled special needs trust for the benefit of individuals with disabilities. We also act as Trustee for other special needs trusts, including; First Party and Third Party Special Needs Trusts as well as educational special needs trusts.

Used properly, special needs trusts can improve the quality of life for many people with disabilities. To help you discover which trust may fit your needs please review our site and specifically the Trust Overview.

Because each person’s situation is different, we urge everyone who is contemplating a special needs trust to consult with an attorney with specialized knowledge of trust law and of the laws related to benefits for those with disabilities.

For further information please call us at 610-265-4788 or fax us at 610-265-4688.